imagebrite has never blogged.  We have been in business a little over three years and this is our first posting.

We have well over 1,000 customers who represent almost 30,000 sites.

NATIONAL BRANDS KNOW HOW TO SAVE MONEY AND CUT COSTS…. While imagebrite has been a way for Fortune 500 brands to smile at their customers, we are most likely unknown to you……

You spend money on your image.  You hope it will have a return on investment.  However, statistics and data don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy about attracting new customers and showing existing ones the quality of your business……

imagebrite set out for one purpose.

How can a business make the best impression from the outside to get customers to feel good about coming inside?? We believe the first impression is your business’s smile….

We will post articles which show you how to save money in unique ways.  Ways that SAVE you money…. Not just generate revenue. We hope to intrigue you.  We hope to show you what national brands have discovered to bring new customers in their doors….

Above all, imagebrite will at least show you how to improve your image without spending a lot of money.

Maybe you need to improve your smile….Maybe you don’t.  Eventually your smile will fade a little.  When it does, you will have a choice.  If you feel your smile doesn’t represent the quality you know you can deliver, Imagebrite wants to help……

Do you replace your teeth to get that better smile?  imagebrite can provide you an extremely cost effect alternative to improving the look of your brand.

And as we all know….

In business its not only about your quality.  Your image is just as important……

imagebrite is the largest national sign refreshing and refurbishing company that exists.  With clients such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Bank of America, Target and a ton of other national brands, imagebrite offers an affordable way to refresh your signage without replacing it.  While imagebrite focuses on sustainability, our services come at a fraction of the cost with three times the warranty of new signage.


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