imagebrite Maintains The “Forever Young” Look

imagebrite’s on site refresh and refurbishment process is not limited to road signs, building mounted signs, or awnings. While we do often refurbish these items, our process also significantly improves the look and shine of other aged, faded elements of outdoor facades, including uniquely shaped and colored elements of specific new designs.

imagebrite and the “Forever Young” Look

For instance, imagebrite has done a significant amount of work with the McDonald’s “Forever Young” look:

imagebrite McDonald's Forever Young

imagebrite’s refresh and refurbishment process ensured the maintenance and effectiveness of the “Forever Young” look for this McDonald’s store. The sign refresh process breathed new life into this particular type of signage, ensuring that consumers would not turn away because of a faded look. Sign refresh and refurbishment is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to return faded signage -no matter the shape or size – to its original luster. See another example below:

imagebrite McDonald's Forever Young 2

This picture, taken from the back of the sign, shows the dramatic difference that sign refresh and refurbishment can make.

Related Information

Want to learn more about imagebrite’s sign refresh and refurbishment process? Give us a call today at 1-866-991-4810, or visit any of the of the below sites:

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