3 Reasons To Refresh Your Road Sign

Consumers might associate a faded road sign with a fading business. Is this the first impression you want your potential customers to have of your business?

1. Attention Grabbing 

An alluring sign – one that is colorful, shiny and like new- will draw instant attention to your business and increase customer engagement.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Sign refresh and refurbishment allows you to return your aging, faded road sign to its original glory and effectiveness at 70 to 90 percent less cost than sign replacement. Tax incentives exist to deduct sign refreshing as a repair, further making this option the most affordable way to reenergize your brand.

3. Keeps Your Sign Looking New For Longer

imagebrite’s process prevents weather deterioration and comes with a three year warranty, keeping your sign “like new” for longer.

Call imagebrite Today

Your road sign represents your establishment, so shouldn’t it be a manifestation of the best your business has to offer? Browse images of our previous work with road signs or call imagebrite today to learn how to ensure that all first impressions of your business are great ones!


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