5 Reasons to Refresh Your Building Sign

imagebrite’s sign refresh and refurbishment services are not limited to road signs. Our specially trained technicians also refresh poles and cabinets, awnings, wall coatings, letters, directionals, building signs and more.

Why Refresh Your Building Sign? 5 Reasons

Your business’s building sign is one of your first opportunities to warmly welcome customers and earn their trust. That’s why it is so incredibly important to keep it looking its best! Not convinced? Here are five reasons to refresh your faded or worn building sign:

1. A vibrant sign makes for a memorable sign. A memorable sign positively represents your specific location AND your brand.

2. Your building sign is a direct part of the aesthetics of your building. Sign refresh can make your establishment’s whole exterior look great!

3. A vibrant building sign is more likely to increase customer traffic than a faded sign.

imagebrite Great Clips Building Sign Refreshimagebrite’s work on this Great Clips building sign is a great example of the difference sign refresh can make!

4. imagebrite’s sign refurbishment costs a fraction of what sign replacement costs. Therefore, sign refresh allows you to maintain brand standards for less money.

5. No permits are required for sign refresh, meaning you as a business owner won’t lose time to a variety of processes.

Plus, building sign refresh is both eco-friendly and tax deductible, which means you can have the alluring look your business needs without having to compromise on value.

Contact imagebrite Today To Learn More

Building signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. imagebrite can refresh your sign whether it is made up of one sheet or of individual letters. Contact us today for details at 1-866-991-4810!


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