Election 2012: How Sign Colors May Affect Your Vote

If you follow Imagebrite on social media, than you know that we are interested in how colors affect purchasing or other decisions. On an important day like today, election day, it is even more interesting to hone into every element that might contribute to a voter’s decision.

Are You In Control Of Your Voting Decision?

When you think about the vote you are going to cast today, election day 2012, social and economic issues probably top the list of things you are concerned about. You may have thought your decision through deeply, or you may still be undecided. Either way, one of the elements of the 2012 campaign that you likely aren’t considering in this moment is how the signage you have seen on practically every street corner may have sub-consciously affected your all-important decision.

imagebrite campaign sign colors

Image Source.

The Color of a Campaign Sign CAN Make a Difference

According to this Northfield Patch article, the signs placed around town by candidates and their loyal campaigners have been well thought out, especially when it comes to colors. Did you know that some colors may contribute to your trust of a candidate? That another color may formulate your opinion about whether a candidate is reliable?

Also according to the above article, red and white are a good combination of colors for campaign signage, especially when combined with large letters and few words. Red represents determination while white represents organization and logic – characteristics that many people may want to see in their future elected officials.

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