As Black Friday Approaches, Know Your Colors

Today marks something special: it’s officially time to begin planning and preparing for Black Friday. And yes, though there is some amount of dilution this year due to stores opening on Thanksgiving, Black Friday is still a very big deal to bargain shopper extraordinaires. Regardless of when you will be embarking on your holiday shopping adventure, it’s important to recognize patterns when it comes to retail and the purchasing experience.

Why Does imagebrite Care?

One of imagebrite’s interests lies in the psychology of color, and how color impacts the purchasing process. Why? Because its our job to keep brand colors bright – to return faded signage to the original impact its deep colors were meant to have. As Black Friday approaches, determining the impact of color on how people will shop this holiday season is important. We found this infograph on Pinterest to reflect just what we’re talking about:

Between the color theme that surrounds the holidays and the fact that red promotes energy and a sense of
urgency, our guess is that we will be surrounded by plenty of red while shopping!

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