What We Can Learn From The Hollywood Sign Refurbishment

A couple of months ago, the iconic but faded Hollywood Sign began its journey back in time – specifically, 90 years back in time to when the sign sparkled, was a vibrant white, and represented a burgeoning movie industry that was experiencing its Golden years.

Hollywood Sign Refurbishment vs. imagebrite Sign Refresh

This trip back in time was courtesy of sign refurbishment. In the case of the Hollywood Sign, refurbishment means a whole lot of paint (105 gallons of primer and 255 gallons of paint):

Video via.

Often, painting will not do the trick, however. When it comes to signs like those used by Burger King, Target, Bank of America, and more, a lot more than painting goes into the refurbishment. imagebrite’s proprietary process involves a specialized chemical process to remove oxidization, return the color to its original vibrancy, and cosmetically breathe life back into the sign. Though painting seems like an easy and quick solution, it won’t last as long in many situations (imagebrite’s process is guaranteed to last for at least three years).

It’s Different, So What Can We Learn?

The important takeaway from the Hollywood Sign Refurbishment is that maintaining the optimal image for your brand (or in this case, landmark), doesn’t require replacement. Sign refresh returns your signage to like new condition without the high costs or environmental issues associated with sign replacement.

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