Out of the Ocean and Into Your Home

Plastic particles that would normally end up polluting the ocean have found a new reuse – in chairs, of all things – according to this Fast Company article:

imagebrite plastic reuses

Inventiveness and Recycling

Young British artists discovered a way to turn these detrimental particles into pieces of art modeled after chairs. The artists use a machine “that mines the fine-ground residue, and turns it into three-legged chairs. Each has its stamp of authenticity and is unique to its surroundings. Some are dark black (from oil waste); others white, red, or flecked with green and blue. All are elegant, in a macabre way.”

More Pictures from the article, this time of the plastics collected before they have become chairs:

1680880-slide-sea-chair-08 1680880-slide-sea-chair-11


Why Does This Matter?

These pieces of artwork serve as a reminder of the damage plastic can do, as well as a signal of what we can do to reuse it so it doesn’t continue to do harm. imagebrite‘s sign refresh services allow business owners across the nation to continue to use the plastic already composing their sign without sacrificing effectiveness or looks; we understand the importance of plastic reuse – especially of keeping the non-recyclable forms of the material from ending up in the ground where it can harm earth or marine dwelling animals and contribute to the piling up of waste.

Learn More About Recycling Plastics

Looking for more resources about plastics and their impact on the environment? Check out some resources on imagebrite’s website. Give us a call today to learn more about sign refresh and refurbishment at 1-866-991-4810!


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