From Waste To Bricks

Another interesting Fast Company article, entitled “New Bricks Can Be Made Out of Junk We Aren’t Using” (gets straight to the point!) focuses on new research that allows industrial waste to be reused in the form of bricks.

The waste comes from factories, facilities and building sites – areas that often contribute to the overpopulation of landfills. This new research allowed scientists to devise a way for computers, paper waste, incinerator ash and TVs to be repurposed into bricks. Also useful? Rubble and other waste from factories and processing facilities. According to the article:

“Now Spanish researchers are fabricating bricks out of the 30 million tons or so of paper industry waste generated in the U.S. and Europe each year. Although their manufacture is not glamorous–the bricks emerge “like sausages” before being cut to size–they are structurally sound and divert tons of waste water sludge and cellulose residue into useful applications.”

These bricks are not only made from otherwise wasted materials, but they also have boosted insulation properties. New raw materials and energy are not necessary, which avoids the creation of even more waste.

These new fabricated bricks are still in their experimental phase, but they represent strides being made in reuse and recycling and sustainable building.


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