Will Sustainability Promises Be Kept?

Going into 2013, many businesses carved out initiatives for being more sustainable in the new year. But, as with many resolutions made in the final hours of the year, it’s possible that many of these initiatives will fall by the wayside. Which sustainability solutions do you think businesses will actually stick to?

Let’s Talk Specifics – H & M


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H & M is one company that has prioritized going green in 2013 and going forward. Several initiatives have been underway for a couple of years, and are continuing to make progress now. By 2020, the company plans to have completely moved to using organic cotton. Organic hemp has also made appearances in recent H & M product lines.

H & M also spearheaded a Global Clothes recycling program – the first company to do so. H&M will be “accepting items of clothing from any brand and in any condition. Beginning February, for every bag deposited, the customer will receive a voucher to put towards a future H&M purchase. The collected garments will then be handled by I:Collect, a clothing-recycling firm that will reprocess the materials and make them available for new use.”

H & M will also be focusing on greening water use when it comes to producing the clothes. The company is committed to conserving water and using water more “responsibly” throughout the clothing production process. This is one initiative the world will be watching – as it represents how corporations can contribute to overall conservation efforts.

The question is – will H & M stick to its sustainability promises and commitments? Will other companies do so as we move deeper into 2013?

What Are Other Companies You’d Like To See Go Green?

What other companies are furthering green initiatives in the new year? Do you think they will follow through? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!


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