Why Keep Your Sign Colors Vibrant?

Choosing the colors that will represent your brand via outdoor signage requires striking a delicate balance – choosing enticing colors that won’t overwhelm or underwhelm your target audience. Many fast food restaurants – including some of the most recognizable ones – choose yellow, red and orange to stimulate appetites, excite passersby and draw them in. Colors are chosen based on their proven psychological effects.


Image Via www.imagebrite.com.

The proven psychological effects of colors are always applicable; so much thought goes into creating the sign that sits out of each fast food or other type of restaurant or store. When those signs fade, the effects of those colors fade as well.

For the same reasons that restaurants choose their colors, they also find keeping them bright and vibrant important. A faded sign may turn people away where a vibrant sign will easily draw them in.  But signs fade. That’s where sign refurbishment comes in. Keeping colors at their best means restaurants never have to compromise when it comes to their images!

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